Life has been busy.

The second half of the semester always seems crazy.

We’re getting ready to welcome a baby boy.

We get a break for a couple of weeks, then school starts up again.

I’ve felt an urge lately to do more creative work. So I’ve decided to challenge myself to shoot something every day this month. I’ll shoot some video and the next day I’ll edit and upload it to Instagram and Facebook.

It’s been a better experience than I ever thought it would be.

There’s the expected stuff. I am always thinking about video, shots, cool ideas, etc. I feel like my creativity has almost been forced to come out more. Now not every day do I put out awesome stuff, but every now and then I feel like I make something really worth watching.

Day 5. No laws were broken. At least I'm pretty sure… #timsdailychallenge

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But there are more things I’ve noticed from doing my daily challenge that I didn’t expect. and I think they’re awesome.

I feel like I have a busy schedule, so adding more to it won’t help, right? Well, I’m not really as busy as I tell myself. It’s all about how I use my time. When I’m motivated and happy, I use my time better. Spending some time every day shooting and editing has given me motivation and it’s something I love to do. That drive and happiness has bled over to other parts of my life. I get more done, I do things I don’t want to do, and I even go out and shovel and extra driveway or two when it snows.

It’s added a bit of confidence, too. I love film making, but I hate how small I feel sometimes. For one reason or another, one of the biggest things that keeps me from doing passion projects is some voice in my head telling me I can’t, or if I did, it wouldn’t be any good. I have to kinda kick that voice out of my head and just do it. Again, not everything is amazing, but if I can make a video every day for a month, I should have no problem doing larger projects when my challenge is complete.

Above all, this challenge has really renewed my love for film making. I loved it as a kid, and I love it now. It’s a fun job, but it’s even more fun when I get to do it for my hobby as well.

Do what you love. Love your life.


The Dog with Many Names

This is Manti



His nickname is Manni



But he’s got more names than that.


“Crazy Boy” is one we use often.



“Good Boy” even comes out every once in a while.



Than there’s “Bad Boy” for when he’s chewing on something he shouldn’t be.



Then sometimes I just give a small chuckle and say nothing at all.



We use the name, “Little Terror” with much endearment.



Oh, and this is his buddy, Mr. Bear… They like to wrestle.


He’s one of the few things “The Menace” doesn’t try to tear apart.





Aaand here’s another just for good measure. I couldn’t resist.


He’s just a little misunderstood is all.

My Workday

I grew up going to public school. Arrive, learn, and leave the same time five days a week, week after week.

I’ve had a full time job. Drive into work, work 9-5, and go home.



Now, I have no schedule. not really anyway.

I have classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I meet at work for a couple hours those afternoons.

Other than that, anything could happen. But I kinda like it.

Last Tuesday, a client came into work asking for a project to be completed by Thursday Night. That gave us just over 48 hours to produce a 30 second motion graphic video for this guy, starting up a company called FillSpeed.

So we got the run-down Tuesday, spent Wednesday in pre-production, then produced the video Thursday.

We got a designer to create the graphics ion a super-short notice, and my wife played voice actor.

I lived off of pizza, and cold pizza.

I spent hours in a room collaborating and producing.

Reality became fuzzy.

It was great.

Something about these quick deadlines and long days bring out some amazing results. I’m not saying the video is a masterpiece, but look at what can be done in a couple days with a good team and greasy food? Actually, by the end of it all, I was ready to dive into the fruits and veggies.

But still, I love that my schedule is ever-changing. It adds variety and exciting opportunities.

I remember there would be days in the middle of the week when I would feel super lazy because I had nothing going on.

lazy dog.gif


But then I realized those days are the equivalent to my weekend. I can mow the lawn, clean up a little, or just take advantage of the time and just be a little lazy.

Because tomorrow, I’m gonna be swamped again…

To hear more about the process, check out my portfolio.

Life’s Soundtrack

I love making videos and stuff. I remember being a little kid first getting my hands on a camera. It was like magic. I could point this thing at your face, then play that moment back. It was like time travel to me back then. I think I looked at the camera as more of a magic trick than a machine.

I also love music. I can’t make it though, as much as I wish I could. In the fourth grade I joined the school band. A lot of kids did at my school. I picked the trombone because I thought it sounded the coolest and I didn’t know I could choose percussion; had I known, I might have stuck to it and been the next Travis Barker



Well maybe not… Anyway, I never practiced my trombone, so I was asked by my parents to give it up. (They were already paying for the 5 soccer teams a year I played on.)  And I’m not hurt by it. It’s true. The passion was never there. Nothing like it has been for video.

But I still enjoy listening to it a lot. I think I get my love for music a little from my Dad. The music we listen to varies a little, but he is a great appreciator as well. If a song he loves comes on, like from Queen for instance, he can really get into it.

Man. Queen is really such a good band still.

I can imagine right now, as Freddy starts to sing, my dad is singing right along with him. I can see that he is being taken to another place. In my humanities class it was mentioned how music can create a departure and a return. My dad experiences this when he listens to stuff like Queen.

I totally do the same thing. I’ll be in the car with Hailey and I song I love will come on. I’ll start to sing and I’m fairly confident I look just like my dad. I think Hailey can almost see me departing to a different world for just a bit; a world where I am surrounded by bliss.

My dad also on occasion likes to point out the meaning of songs sometimes. He’ll stop and make an observation about lyrics that are meaningful and you can tell this makes the song even more special to him.

Again, I totally do the same thing. I’m kinda picky with my music. I’m not saying I love to listen to everything. In fact, I pride myself more in finding music that to me has great meaning in the lyrics, or chords and tunes I find amazing. I have a high standard for myself.

I hope our children aren’t too embarrassed by a dad who acts like a little kid whenever a great song comes on.

giphy (1).gif


(If anyone hasn’t heard the tribute to the greatest and best song in the world, it’s worth checking out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lK4cX5xGiQ)

Man’s Best Friend

So we’re getting a dog pretty soon and Hailey and I are both really excited.

We went to look at the litter a couple of weeks ago. They are still too young to be away from their mamma, and a little too young to tell what their personalities are like. We haven’t picked out one in particular, but one of these guys will be ours in a few weeks! We’re thinking of naming it Manti.

We want to get a dog before the baby so the baby grows up with a dog in the house. Now we just need to train Manti to behave well with poking and prodding so they can be friends.



The litter is a Black Lab/Heeler mix. From what we’ve seen they are great family dogs, and that’s just what we need.

When I was really little, we didn’t have a dog, but I really really wanted one. My brother had an imaginary dog. It was a Golden Retriever. I think I tried that for a while, but my imagination was never quite as vivid as his was.

We did get a dog when I was about 11 though. We went to the pound and picked up Anna.

She was great. Super patient, tough, and just loved everyone. She sadly died of liver failure a few years back.

We then got Charlie… Who is a really good dog. He is pretty obedient, but the sass does not end with him.

It’s all out of love though.

Then my parents recently got Shiloh to keep him company. Charlie gets jealous of her, but they manage okay with each other.


So yeah, I suppose we’re ready for a dog. Hailey also had one around the house and is really excited to have a dog that will love her. She will also be glad to have a dog on those hard days. Those day when you want some animal to get up in your face and wipe it’s saliva all over you because it just can’t get over itself.

She’s Gone

I dropped Hailey off at the airport Monday. She’s back East to go to a friend’s wedding. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to visit family and friends, so she won’t be back until the end of September.

I knew I would miss her, but man, those first couple days were rough.

I was doing awesome the days before. We visited my sisters and parents and had a good time. We went shopping for hours; I was useful and I actually enjoyed it! I dropped her off at the airport and wished her well with a smile.

Then it hit me.


It’s like she leaves and I manage to forget how to live. My goodness, it’s weird.

I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have your best friend around.

(I loved Recess as a kid)

But my spout of depression has left, and now I only miss her; because you know, I love her. Really, I’m a little jealous, but I’m really glad she gets to see family and friends. My family lives a lot closer, so I get to see them all the time. It’s really a treat for Hailey to be out there.

She’s 14 weeks, 3 days pregnant. I only know the exact time because I got one of those pregnancy apps. I tried looking to see if there was one for the father, but the only ones I found were pretty dumb. So I found the most gender neutral one I could find, but I still get tons of “mommy” articles. Which isn’t bad. It’s good to know what’s going on and learn as much as I can, I just wish I could relate more.

I think  the perception sometimes is that men are generally childish and lazy and frankly, don’t care. But as I’ve done my own research into this fatherhood thing, it seems like most fathers genuinely want to be good, responsible, caring fathers. At least there is a decent sized group of us. I think we could use our own app.

Anyway, that’s my rant on that.

I’m really excited to have a kid. When we became pregnant, I was surprisingly really really excited and happy. It surprised me at least. I think it made Hailey happy to see how happy I was too. Which in turn, makes me more happy. Who knew it could bring so much joy? I think I was hoping to feel that way before we started trying, but nope, it came after.

So I’m alone for the next couple of weeks, but I’ve got lots of work to do and Hailey has a lot of catching up to do.

Just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.